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Prumio matches companies with the best and most relevant press outlets to help you get better results and save time & money.
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Save time & money

Our Prumio AI will build the perfect list of outlets to help you get maximum exposure
Expert help
Work with our experts to help us build a custom & newsworthy strategy for your campaign. We'll feed the information we learn about your company into the Prumio AI to begin targeting relevant outlets.
Better results
Our AI creates a press outlet list by using information such as: recently published articles, article relevancy, outlet authority, outlet readership, chance of publish and more to build a custom and targeted list of the most relevant outlets.
We take care of everything
After building your campaign and helping you to write the perfect pitch, we'll personally reach out to editors one-by-one. We'll also ensure that we follow-up 2 times in order to give your company the best chance of being featured.

How it works


Get setup with a dedicated campaign manager

We'll match you to a dedicated campaign manager that will help you create an awesome pitch.


Our AI algorithm selects the best press outlets

Prumio matches companies with the best and most relevant press outlets (we don't use press farms or spam tactics - our AI system picks 400 to 900 relevant outlets for each company on a campaign-by-campaign basis).


We reach out individually & manage follow-ups

We take care of editor outreach and personalised follow-ups to save you the work.


A custom report to help you understand the value

When your campaign comes to an end, we'll send you a report containing emails sent, open rate, reply rate and more.
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Competitors VS Prumio

The Prumio Process

Expert Advice & Setup
Your campaign manager will work with you to create the perfect pitch & strategy.
Launch & 1st Follow-ups
Our AI system matches you to the most relevant outlets. We pitch and follow-up for you using our CRM.
2nd Follow-ups
We'll follow up for a second time to ensure you have the best chance of being featured by your targeted outlets.
Reporting & Analytics
At the end of your campaign, we'll send you a report of the open rate, emails sent, reply rate and more.

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We're launching publicly on the 2nd March 2018.
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